Refund Policy

This Refund Policy outlines the conditions under which users may be eligible for a refund for purchases made through the Research Consortium Archive ("Archive"). Please read this policy carefully before making any purchases.

General Policy:

  • No refunds are issued for completed downloads or access fees. This includes individual documents, datasets, collections, or subscriptions. Once access is granted, the resource is considered consumed and non-refundable.
  • Refunds may be considered for:
    • Technical errors preventing access to purchased resources. We will work diligently to resolve the issue and, if unable to do so within a reasonable timeframe, offer a full refund.
    • Accidental duplicate purchases made within the same transaction. Please contact us immediately to request a correction and potential refund.
    • Products mistakenly purchased that do not align with your intended use. Refunds for such cases will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, requiring a valid explanation and potential return of access if feasible.

Timeframe for requesting a refund:

  • Requests for refunds must be made within 30 days of the purchase date. No refunds will be granted for requests made after this timeframe.

How to request a refund:

  • To request a refund, please contact the Research Consortium Archive Support Team at [insert email address or support link]. Be sure to include the following information in your request:
    • Your name and email address
    • The date of your purchase
    • The order number or transaction ID
    • A clear explanation of the reason for your refund request

Processing of refunds:

  • All refund requests will be reviewed within 5 business days.
  • If your refund request is approved, the funds will be credited back to the original payment method used for the purchase. Please allow 5-10 business days for the refund to appear in your account.